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Door Repairs

With over 20 years of experience, we have gather an impressive amount of experience over what happens to the cold room panels, cold room doors and fittings after installations.


The Usage of a Cold Room Door


A cold room door is the entry point to a cold room, it is an active part of the room. In some cases, we might only open them a few times a day or in others, the cold rooms doors keep opening and closing all day.


Common Damages of a Cold Room's Door

  • Gasket

Gaskets seal the cold room door to prevent any air leakage. They must be soft in order to adapt to the frame shape to seal it. The softness of the gasket is its weak point. If a gasket breaks, it must be repair as soon as possible.

  • Locks/Handle 

Workers pull locks and handle several time a day and sometimes in the wrong way or with too much force, causing them to break. The broken handle or lock will force the cold room door to be slightly open and this will cause ice buildups and wasted energy.

  • Impacts with forklifts

Manoeuvring a forklift in a -25°C room can be challenging. Sometimes with slippery floors, can cause hits to the cold room door. Severe hits may result in not being able to open or close the door anymore.

  • Formation of Ice

Ice formation on the sides and the back of the cold room door occurs when the door is left opened for a long time. The ice might gradually increase and eventually block or damage the door.


Prevention is essential: teach your workers how to use the cold-room doors correctly.



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